Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What NoBoDY ToLd ME ABoUt .... BaBY PoOLs

" No one told me how hard it is to get the water warm enough in those plastic baby pools to actually put a baby in!" - Susie Lancaster, Merdian, IDAHO
"Everyone talks about how much fun the pool is, but nobody mentions how tiring it is trying to hold on to a squirming little guy who thinks he canswim just like everyone else." - Michele Malone, Columbia, TENNESSEE
" No one told me how important swim diapers are! My son's diaper grew bigger than his head! The poor little guycould'nt even stand up." - Kelsey Francis, Lake Placid, NEW YORK
"the first time we put out the wading pool, she climbed right in and sat down before we could turn the water off - Clothes and all!" - Martha Heller, Lawton, OKLAHOMA

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