Monday, September 7, 2009

MoMmy INDulGances (on a budget)


just a few things mommys on any budget can indulge on this week.

clutch ( $30 macys), bracelets ( $19 target), boots ( $36 ebay), box of chocolates (any special chocolate shop in the mall ($15), eyeliner ($5 walgreens).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artist SPoTLiGhT Of THe WeeK


This weeks artist spot light : i came across this artist looking at baby art work on, and fell in love with this cute,heart warming, and charming artwork, and new i had to feature her .

her name is rita and this is her artist spotlight:

"I was inspired by my little girl who was 3 years old at the time. I accidentally start to doodle again and paint. My husband told me about Etsy, so he suggested me to start selling my works there. I like to draw since I was a kid. During my college years, I took Interior Design for my Bachelor degree in US and worked as an Interior Designer there for a while before going back to my original city, Jakarta.

Being a stay home mom makes me have more time to draw & express my mind again. I'm so blessed to have supporting family & supporting clients who always making me joyful and willing to create cute and fun arts that make others people happy. And lasting, I'm so thankful to God."

you can find these art prints along with others by this lovely artist here at:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MAgiZinEs To ChEcK OuT


these are the four best magizines i use for reading and ideas, and alot of the articles are amazing!

What NoBoDY ToLd ME ABoUt .... BaBY PoOLs


" No one told me how hard it is to get the water warm enough in those plastic baby pools to actually put a baby in!" - Susie Lancaster, Merdian, IDAHO
"Everyone talks about how much fun the pool is, but nobody mentions how tiring it is trying to hold on to a squirming little guy who thinks he canswim just like everyone else." - Michele Malone, Columbia, TENNESSEE
" No one told me how important swim diapers are! My son's diaper grew bigger than his head! The poor little guycould'nt even stand up." - Kelsey Francis, Lake Placid, NEW YORK
"the first time we put out the wading pool, she climbed right in and sat down before we could turn the water off - Clothes and all!" - Martha Heller, Lawton, OKLAHOMA

well being/ family safety : PLaY It SaFE

Smart Bounching:
Trampolines can be a fun backyard investment. But do your homework. Make sure you are comfortable witht he risk and know what your insurances covers. Thenational Association of Insurance Commissioners suggest checking your home-owner's policy before installing a trampoline. Visit for more informaton.

so to bounce safely?

ADD IT UP.The U.SS, Consumer Product Safety Commission recommands postponing installation until your child is over the age 6. Neck and back injuries are the most common, and they usually occur when kids dont land on their feet.

Dig in. The ground that is. The lower to the ground the trampoline is, the less distance your child can fall. Consider digging a pit that the trampoline sits in rather then raising the legs as high as they can extend from the level ground.

Say yes to protective gear. Tail enclosures and shock- absorbing pads that cover the springs may cost a little more but are smart safety precautions.

Say no to more than one bouncer. "More than 75% of injuries occur when there's more than one kid jumping at a time," says Glenn Victor, spokesperson for the United Safety Council in Orlando.

Use Spotters. Have adults supervise at all times to assit a jumping child if he/she begins to fall.

Safe Splashing:
Planning on breating the heat with a backyard pool or inflatable water toy? " keep an eye on your child at all times"; says Victor. Simple precautions can protect your family when you're using:

Inflatable pools. " empty the pool and turn it upside down when you're done using it", says victor. And beware of slippery plastic when purchasing a pool.

Rigid-Sided pools. Get a safety cover and always use it when swimming sessions are finished. Make sure your kids understand that when the pool is covered.It's off-limits.

Careful Climbing:
Backyard Playgrounds provide great exercise right at home. Wheather you're choosing and installing a new set or giving your present one a once-over, consider these tips:

Opt for cushy surfaces. Nearly 70% of playground injuries are caused by tumbles to the ground, according to the United safety Council. So instead of erecting your set on concrete or even grass, consider laying down wod chips, sand, rubber play mats or even shredded tires ( check out underneath and around the play structure.

Check for protruding bolts. Secure all bolts and S-hooks, says victor, who suggests following up by installing rubber safety caps over bolts.

Forgo ropes. "kids are fascinated by rope swings and ladders," Victor says, but they're strangulation hazards and therefore no-no's. Ditto for jum ropes or pet leashes, which your child may attach to climbing bars.

Fact or Fable?

You have to wash your baby's clothes separately.

There's no need to make more work for yourself, says Manhattan dermatologist Jody Levine, M.D. For most babies, she says, you can use a detergent that's perfume- and dye-free, and wash the family's clothes together. You may be more cautious if your baby is a preemie or if sensitive skin runs in your family.

- Fable.

The Weekly Announcements!!!

The Scheadule for Baby spaces:

Mommy indulgances ( finds to indulge on any budget ) will be posted on Mondays weekly, starting september 6,2009

The stuff babys will love , will be posted on Wedneday weekly

The Artist Spotlight will be posted on Thursdays each week .

and every day in between if i have the time articles on :
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and every 3rd friday there will be a contest were your child can be posted on the blog.

thank you everyone, so much and keep youre eyes peeled tomorrow for artist spotlight.

<3 love : Jenn <3

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